Our breeders have made a test to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of rat care and rat breeding including rat genetics. They will never cull their litters, but try to find suitable new homes for their kittens before they have been born, otherwise the breeders will keep the kittens by themselves. Kittens will be handled from birth so that you can be sure to get a happy,  healthy, pretty, and playful kitten. Kittens will be sold at the age of 5 to 6 weeks and in pairs of same sex unless they will have playmates of similar age at their new homes. 

Some of our rats have been sold to breeders in various European countries and have become parents of nice kittens.

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Katrin Klauschke, Berlin
Stud Name: Farbrattenzucht vom Schloss Dracula


Colours: English Blue, Russian Blue, Silver Blue,
Platinum, Mink, Black, Pearl, Burmese, BES

Markings: Self, Berkshire, Blazed Berkshire

Phone: +49 (0) 30 562 1915

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