German Fancy Rat Society Berlin (GFRSB)

Interessengemeinschaft Farbratten Berlin


What is GFRSB? Who are we?

We are a group of rat owners, some of them engaged in breeding fancy rats.

Our activities:

- Information regarding pet rats and rat care
- Reservation and sale of kittens of our experienced breeders
- Contact and cooperation with rat fanciers and breeders in Germany and    abroad
- Service: Holiday pet care in the area of Berlin

Our Breeders (please click)          
Current Litters          
Planned Litters


Rat Shows



We have organized yearly rat shows in Germany.

For more information (in German language) please click here: Ausstellungen 


 Pics of our rat show 2003

 Pics of our rat show 2004

 Pics of our rat show 2005

 Pics of our rat show 2006

 Pics of our rat show 2007

 Pics of our rat show 2008

 Pics of our rat show 2009

 Pics of our rat show 2010